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AquaSource (Aqua Source Algae Group Plc.) is a triumphal achievement of precious qualities in nutrition’s field. AquaSource was formed in 1994 by David Howell and Robert Davidson, two of the UK’s leading homeopaths. The company is dedicated to promoting healthier lifestyles through natural means. AquaSource becomes a leader between British companies producing natural organic foods and working actively in the contemporary wholesome nutrition. All products of the company are 100% not genetically modified. Results of natural’s decisions for the health, personal responsibility and choice, AquaSource products are working together with our body and help its processes and protections. 

The progress of the company is associated with an extraordinary natural organism – blue-green micro-algae (Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae or AFA) from the lake Upper Klamath in Cascade Mountains, Southern Oregon, USA. AFA is the most nourishing bio-available food on the planet. AquaSource is reputed nowadays as one of leading European companies working in the field of natural nutrition.

AquaSource mission is to promote good health using natural source ingredients and making a wide variety of high-quality nutritional and natural beauty products available to everyone. 

As a part of that vision, AquaSource products are sold through independent distributors by the most powerful method of distribution – multi-level marketing.


All products are provided with necessary health licenses and Certificates of “Good manufacturing practice” or “GMP”.





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